Top 5 HIPSTER HANGOUTS in Singapore!

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Singapore is a stressful place. No doubt about it. With a land space of just 719.9km2, we are even smaller than just the state of New York, never mind the rest of America. And with a population nearing 6 million, we are jam-packed indeed. Where then, can we find an oasis of calm in this cesspool of urban-induced stress? Here are the top 5 spots in Singapore for some much needed quiet time!

5. The Bukit Timah Railway Corridor

An artsy place perfect for quiet retreats or Instagrammable photos, the now-defunct railway station was once a bustling hub for passengers and transport of goods until it was closed and gazetted in 2011. Now, it falls quietly into disrepair, a reminder of times long gone.

It is located in a rather busy area near Botanic Gardens MRT Statio. One can walk from the station to the Bus Stop @ Bukit Timah Road (B41021). Take buses 66, 151, 154, 170, 67, 171 and alight 12 stops later at Bukit Timah Road, King Albert Park (B42061) before walking to the iconic steel bridge.

4.  Coney Island

Located in the North-Eastern area of Singapore, Coney Island is quiet, isolated, and offers a wonderful splash of nature to your modern city life. Simply board bus 84 from Punggol MRT to Punggol Road End to get there!

And it is delightfully Instagrammable too!

3. The Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum

Instead of the typical zoo where animals are caged, visit the Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum and get up close and personal to the reptilians? While some are kept in pens or tanks, others are allowed to roam around- and they are huge!!

Located near Chinese Gardens MRT, it is usually rather crowd-free! Pay them a visit now!

2.  Macritchie Reservoir

Head to one of Singapore’s largest water catchment areas and marvel at the greenery and diverse wildlife populating the area! The best part is, its’ completely free!

Yup, this treetop walk has no fee as well!

  1. The Istana Woodneuk

Buses 7, 75, 77, 105, 106, 123, 174 all lead to the bus stop opposite Peirce road (11209). Walking along the direction of the shelter and along a forested trail leads to the dilapidated mansion not unlike one from a horror flick: the Istana Woodneuk.

Formerly the residence of Johor Sultan Abu Bakar ibni Daing Ibrahim (1833-1895), 21st Sultan of Johor, it has regressed into a shadow of it’s former self. Still, its haunting atmosphere and chilling vibe is a welcome respite from the usual sprawl of urbanity we are accustomed to.

Thrill-seeker or wary explorer alike, give it a shot!

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