Top 5 Must-Buy At Big C Supercentre in Thailand

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Are you the one who likes shopping in supermarkets overseas? When I am in Thailand, there’s this ONE place I definitely have to visit- Big C Supercentre. Check out the list of the must-buy food when you are shopping at the Big C Supercenter!

Fried Shrimp Chips (Editor’s Must-Buy)- an addictive combination which you can’t stop after opening them. Packed in white tins, it is available at all Big-C Supercentre. You definitely have to get a few tins before going home.

Bento Squid- One of Thailand’s most popular snacks. It has a really strong squid taste, and the spice in this snack will have you gulping water continuously as you chew on it. So be sure you have a bottle of water beside you before you start eating them!

Thailand Instant Noodles – Mama noodles is the matriarch of Thailand’s instant-noodle market which burst onto the scene in 1972 with the joint venture between Taiwan’s President Enterprise and Thailand’s Saha Pathanapibul. Each packet of instant noodle is less than $0.50.


Koh Kae Peanuts- Need some snacks during your break? Then Koh Kae Peanuts is definitely one of your must-have titbits on your working table. There are many flavours for you to choose from.

Editor’s recommendation: Shrimp-flavoured coated peanut, Coffee-Cream Flavoured 

Instant Thai Milk Tea- One of Singaporeans’ favourite drinks.

Who doesn’t love the ultimate Thai drink, Thai Iced Milk Tea? It’s the perfect refreshing drink for a hot humid day in Bangkok, and even more so in Singapore! Get the instant sachets from Thailand’s No. 1 Milk Tea- Cha Tra Mue or even the Nestea sachets to enjoy your favourite drink every day!

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Apart from the snacks, you can also get the cooking sauces/pastes at Big-C to recreate your favourite Thai dishes.

You can get your Tao Kae Noi Seaweed from Thailand as well. Fun fact, it is also from Thailand. Check out all the flavours at Big-C, they have a very wide variety of flavours.



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