Top 5 RICH KIDS of Singapore!

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Singapore is clearly a prosperous, developed nation, with much of its’ youth living in relative bliss. But have you ever wondered what the lives of rich kids are like? These kids were born with a silver spoon in their mouth and the world handed to them on a platter. Here is a quick rundown of how these rich kids ball!

5) Kim Lim, daughter of business magnate cum billionaire Peter Lim recently threw a birthday bash lasting 99 days for her baby son at the Ritz Carlton.

…….and has also rubbed shoulders with football star David Beckham.

4)While most of us are content with traveling to Malaysia or Thailand for quick getaways, the daughter of a wealthy businessman in Indonesia, Novita Lam, gets to take it a step further by casually traveling to places like Muscat, the capital city of Oman.

3)Another ardent globetrotter, Willabelle Ong says “I usually fly once every two to three weeks”…

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…and she’s definitely not lying!

2)Most of us teenagers would be thrilled by any old Toyota for our 18th birthday, but rich kids like Audrey Tay-daughter of SUTL group of companies executive director Peter Tay-gets to enjoy a customized Bentley Continental GT in hot pink for her 18th birthday and a white Porsche Turbo for her 20th birthday!


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1) Mae Tan, daughter of wealthy Singaporean businessman, is known for posting glamorous pictures of her daily outfits with luxury brands like Hermes and Chanel. Interestingly, she is also the goddaughter of Jackie Chan!

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The “Extraordinaire Caregivers” of Singapore

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