TOP 5 SPAs You MUST Visit In Batam (2019)

Tired of Singapore's city life? Looking for a place to unwind and relax? Batam has the best SPAs to offer !

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Stop complaining about your stressful and hectic life and treat yourself to some goodness! You don’t need to travel far to escape from the city and pamper yourself with a relaxing retreat!

Cr: Spa Central Batam

Batam is known for its traditional Spas and massages, and here we summarised the top 5 SPA places that will definitely leave you revitalized and ready to face all your troubles again.

1. Xoleil Spa Village

Cr: Kathryn Moore

A destination Spa and a wellness retreat, be sure to have the most relaxing time of your life while you are here! Coupled with one of the most luxurious spa villas, stone onsen, spa apothecary, boutique gym, and many other amenities catering to all your needs and wants, what more can we ask for?

Cr: Eileen Teo

With all the services I listed, you must be expecting a hefty price right? Well, you are wrong ! Here, the prices for massage and food are super reasonable and customers have commented that their service is excellent.

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Cr: Eileen Teo

The location is also perfect, it is highly accessible (only 5 minutes away from Batam Centre), where else can you find such a perfect retreat at your convenience and good prices?

Cr: Matthew Octavianto Enfo

Address: Jl. Raja H. Fisabilillah, Tlk. Tering, Batam Kota, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia

Opening hours: 10:00 to 22:00 daily

2. Montigo Spa

Cr: MontigoResorts

Cr: MontigoResorts

Craving for a slimming spa experience of the finest quality? Step into multi-award winning Montigo Spa and undergo a 120-minute treatment which includes a body scrub, clay mask and body cream massage filled with rich vitamins A, C and E.

Cr: MontigoResorts

They use a concoction of the best Babor slimming products which emphasizes on holistic wellness. So be assured that you will leave the SPA feeling rejuvenated and satisfied.

Cr: MontigoResorts

Not impressed yet? The package comes with free usage of the Jacuzzi and a complimentary hot sauna!

Cr: MontigoResorts

Besides this slimming treatment package, there are plenty of other service packages as well, there are Cabana Massage and Henna Hair Dye treatments, just to list some.

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Cr: MontigoResorts

Seriously, what are you waiting for?

Address: Jalan Hang Lekir Nongsa, Sambau, Nongsa, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29465, Indonesia

Opening hours: 09:00 to 22:00 daily

3. The SPA Secret

Cr: The SPA Secret

Looking for a simpler, calm and cosy spa experience, maybe just a little something to balance out the hectic lifestyle you are used to?

Cr: The SPA Secret

The SPA Secret is for you! With its unique contemporary Balinese concept, they are proud to present only natural ingredients, premium herbs together with special rituals and methods for the highest level of physical and spiritual healing.

Cr: The SPA Secret

The therapists are well-trained, ensuring that guests achieve the full set of gratification and tranquillity.

Cr: The SPA Secret

Choose between a wide selection of body spa treatments, aromatic quick spa, body massage and foot treatments.

Cr: The SPA Secret

Are you a chocolate lover? I recommend the chocolate spa for a complete satisfactory treat to your chocolaty addiction!  The pack includes chocolate massages, scrubs, steam and bubble bath. The package ends with options customised for different genders, with treatment and lotion for the ladies and a back and shoulder massage for the gents.

Cr: The SPA Secret

It even comes with a complimentary iced or hot chocolate beverage!

Address: Komp. Nagoya Garden Phase I Blok D No. 1, RW.3, Kp. Seraya, Batu Ampar, Riau 29432, Indonesia

Opening hours: 10:00 to 22:00 daily

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4. Martha Tilaar Salon and Day Spa

Cr: Martha Tilaar Salon Day Spa

Have troubled skin? Martha Tilaar Spa Express provides up to 14 different types of facial treatments for different skin types, some of which includes anti-wrinkle, whitening, and anti-scar. They use a combination of organic serums and vitamins that produces healthier skins.

Cr: Martha Tilaar Salon Day Spa

They also provide hand and foot treatments which uses essential oils that help to maintain skin and nails, while soothing the mind and soul.

Cr: Martha Tilaar Salon Day Spa

Their products are astoundingly aromatic and you are guaranteed a refreshed and rejuvenated experience upon completion of their packages.

Address: Nagoya Hill Ruko mall Blok P No. 7-9, Lubuk Baja Kota, Lubuk Baja, Batam City, Riau Islands 29152, Indonesia

Opening hours: 10:00 to 22:00 daily

5. WODA Villa & Spa

Is your life getting dull? Find your GLOW back at WODA Villa & Spa! Indulge yourself in our luxury SPA experience at Batam’s first ever overwater villa. Pamper yourself to a needed massage or spa treatments here at Woda Villa & Spa, the ultimate relaxation getaway within the heart of the city.

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Amenities include either a Signature Villa or Suite Villa, a private or shared pool, free wifi, and many others.

Well-known for their treatments, what sets WODA apart from other Spas is definitely their Signature – WODA Boreh and WODA Fusion. Through detoxification methods, this exquisite Spa will surely replenish your spirit and vivacity.

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Besides having spas alone, you can also take part in activities at the Wakepark, Go Kart or play Paintball.

Address: Blk 71 Ayer Rajah Crescent #06-14 (S)139951, Singapore

Opening hours: 9:00 to 18:00 (Mon – Fri)

90:00 to 17:00 (Sat – Sun)

Indeed, Batam is truly the island of the top-notch Spas in Asia (or even the world!)

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