TOP 5 MOUTH-WATERING Taiwanese Street Foods

Hungry? Taiwan's streets are basically FOOD HEAVEN. But what kind of food exactly are we talking about here? What is most WORTH the queueing time and money? Read on to find out!

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Taiwan is well-known for its absolutely delicious street food and is definitely a delight to visit for all foodies. But do you often find yourself feeling overwhelmed at the range of choices served at some markets? Wanting to try everything but knowing that there’s a limit to your appetite? Well, you’ve come to the right place, because here we’ve picked the TOP 5 Taiwanese street foods that promises not to disappoint and are absolutely worth every dollar in your wallet!

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Translated from Mandarin, the name of this food may be a mouthful to say, but it is certainly worth the effort. So what exactly is this dish? Well, as its name implies, this delicacy is a sausage sandwich. The filling comprises of Taiwanese pork sausage, which is then wrapped in a layer of sticky rice sausage. Think hot dog, except instead of bread on the outside, you have another sausage. Usually, this is served chargrilled, which means it’s barbecued on the spot. Other ingredients found on the sausage as toppings could include lettuce, salted vegetables, chopped cilantro, peanut powder, soy sauce and lots of garlic. If you’re feeling adventurous, also try asking for the spicy, black pepper or wasabi flavours.

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You may have tried various versions of this dish in Singapore already, but trust me, they can’t be compared to the original one. The most popular street snack in Taiwan is practically indispensable to any night market and for good reason too. It’s not just fried chicken – it’s the condiments and the way it’s cooked that makes this dish so special. Generally, the boneless part of the chicken leg is marinated with soy sauce, sugar, garlic spread, rice wine, five-spice powder and spices powder, which takes at least an hour. When served, the chicken is coated with flour and seasoning mixture. Salt and pepper give this dish its main flavouring, but if you’d like you can also add chilli powder and basil leaves.


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The third dish on our list isn’t actually considered “food” most of the time. Aiyu jelly can be served as a drink as well as a dessert, which gives you the option to decide how you want to enjoy this refreshing and cooling snack. Also known as ice jelly, this delicacy is made from the gel from the seeds of the awkeotsang creeping fig plant, and is traditionally served with slices of lime as you can see in the picture. Added honey and lemon juice also help to make this dish much more flavourful. What better way is there to cool down in the middle of a hot summer day?

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If you’ve got the time, the Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup is 100% worth sitting down for. It’s so worthy of one’s time that the Taiwanese locals have dedicated an entire festival to it. Every year, Taipei hosts the annual Beef Noodles Festival, and you can guess what happens there. It’s where some of the best beef noodles in history are made. Evidently, the Taiwanese are quite the experts when it comes to making this dish. It’s a mouthwatering combination of noodles and braised beef in a soy-based broth, which often comes with tomato, garlic, and herbal medicine.


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Flour, water, sugar, soy sauce, pepper, scallion, spring onions and pork combine to make this savoury and yummy dish. The bread on the outside is cooked to a perfect golden brown colour, which gives the bun its crispiness, then topped with sesame seeds on the outside. After a long wait in line, the urge to devour the entire bun at one go may be tempting, but remember that it’s served freshly-made most of the time, which means it will be hot. But no worries, it’s not going anywhere. You can find this delicacy everywhere in Taiwan when you decide that you want to go back for more.

So, are you feeling hungry yet?

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