Top 5 Things to Do in White Winter Wonderland, Finland

Finland, the home of Santa Claus, is the perfect choice for a winter getaway.

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Ever wanted to meet Santa, the man of your childhood dreams? Get this One Of A Kind Experience in none other than Finland!

When you think of Finland, you probably think of the white wintry landscape that is a small yet beautiful part of visiting this Nordic Country. 

Catch a glimpse of the mysterious Aurora Borealis and watch as your childhood fantasies come true when you visit Santa Claus Village to see Santa himself. Bundle up and hold on tight as you hop on a husky sleigh ride.

Get all these once-in-a-lifetime experiences only in the World’s Happiest Country!

There is a whole list of reasons why you should visit Finland, but we have narrowed it down to the Top 5 Things to Do in the Winter

Come along as we explore the country where babies sleep in cardboard boxes and where Wife-Carrying Championships are held. Seriously. Not even kidding.

The annual Wife-Carrying Championships in Finland

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5. Hop on a Husky Sleigh Ride

Let’s start off the countdown with a zoom zoom across the snow! Hop on an exhilarating Husky Sleigh Ride, where you will be able to journey through the winter landscape and be your own driver.

Do not worry if you don’t have a (husky) driving license, there are only two things you need to take note of, mainly how to slow down and how to stop.

Sit back and leave the rest to these fluffy animals! 

Watch as the surroundings change into a whirl of white as you whoosh past the trees decked with fresh snow.

4. Cross the Arctic Circle & Send Yourself a Postcard at Santa Claus Village


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Meet Santa and visit Santa’s Post Office where they receive mail from all over the world. Tons of mail that are addressed to Santa himself is sent here and they are displayed in the glass cases. 

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Send yourself a postcard which is only available here, which will be stamped with the special Arctic Stamp. This way, you can capture your travel memories forever! What better souvenir can you ask for?


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Walk around the snow-covered area and watch as the place light up with warm yellow fairy lights after sundown. When you are here, it is almost impossible to miss the giant snowman, staff dressed up as elves and also Christmas songs being played in the background. 

This place literally screams Christmas and it is a good enough reason to visit this truly magical place!

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3. Ride On a Snowmobile

Hop on a snowmobile and embark on a thrilling adventure around Finland! Get your blood pumping as you ride across some of the most beautiful winter landscape in the world!  Besides, where else can you ride a vehicle in the snow? 

During the day, see the true white winter wonderland that Finland is known for. At night, if you’re lucky, you may even get to catch the Aurora Borealis during your ride! This experience is surely one that an ATV cannot mimic. 

2. Stay In An Igloo Made Completely Out Of Glass & Snow


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Imagine lying down under a blanket of stars. The sky is illuminated with the enchanting Northern LightsExcept, you get to do all this from the comfort of your Glass Igloo!

The Glass Igloo is a unique accommodation which is made up of multiple glass panels. Over the years, they have evolved to include a cosy hut with built-in sauna facilities and even a fireplace!


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For an even unforgettable experience, you can opt for a stay in a Snow Hotel, which is made completely out of ice! The walls inside are carved to form different characters ranging from Elsa to Pooh Bear

Sleep on a transparent bed lined with reindeer fur and warm up in the sleeping bags provided.


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This is surely an opportunity you do not want to miss when you are here in Finland.

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1. Chase the Northern Lights / Aurora Borealis

Of course, how can we miss out the highlight of the whole trip?

As long as the skies are clear, there is a chance to see this stunning natural light show. Seeing pictures of the Aurora Borealis and actually seeing them in real life is a totally different experience

This out-of-the-world night sky will surely leave you at a loss for words! It is just impossible to describe this beauty with words so I’ll just leave you with the following pictures.

*Note to iPhone users: It is near impossible to capture the lights on your camera especially if the lights are faint. Dooon’t say I didn’t say I didn’t warn yaaa!

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6. Eat Like A Finn

How can you say that you’ve been to Finland without trying their local delicacies?

Reindeer Meat (Poronkäristys)

Does the thought of eating reindeer frighten you? Don’t worry because the reindeer is actually a common staple in the Finnish diet! It has a taste that is comparable to that of beef but it is much tougher. The most common dish would be the Sautéed Reindeer, which comes in the form of thinly sliced reindeer meat, complete with sugared lingonberries, mashed potatoes and cucumber pickles. 


Who would’ve guessed that reindeer meat is one of the healthiest meat in the world, on par with fish.

Salmon Soup (Lohikeitto) 

I know, as a Singaporean, that the idea of serving salmon in a soup is very foreign since we mostly see salmon in the form of sashimi and fillets. Finnish Salmon Soup is a favourite among the locals no matter what the season is! This classic dish also comes with potatoes, carrots, onions, milk and salmon chunks. It is definitely worth the try!

Karjalanpiirakka (Rice Pies)

This popular pastry can be found in almost all breakfast spreads and even the bakery section of the supermarkets! This pastry is made up of rice porridge and topped with egg butter, all of which is contained within a rye crust. This item is sure to satisfy all taste buds!

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Final Thoughts

I bet you are now itching to get on the next plane to Finland, right?

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It is absolutely normal to feel this way! How can anyone resist the temptation to meet Santa in real life? How can anyone forgo the chance to see the best light show that nature has to offer?

Visiting this winter wonderland is surely something that I will remember vividly in my mind and I’m sure you’ll feel the same way too!

It’s time for you to add Finland to your bucket list!

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