Top 7 Must Visit Attractions In Seoul, South Korea

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Don’t miss out on these 7 iconic attractions during your next visit to Seoul, South Korea.

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Seoul is a vibrant metropolitan city bustling with exciting adventures, rich histories and stunning landscapes.

There is so much to do here that it is nearly impossible to cover them all.

To make your travel planning experience a lot simpler, we have compiled a list of must-go attractions during your time here in Seoul!

We’ve also compiled a comprehensive travel guide here that covers all the essential things to make your trip hassle-free.

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1) Namsan Seoul Tower

If you watch K-dramas, you should be familiar with the act of on-screen couples placing their love locks along the metal grills to declare their love for one another. The Namsan Seoul Tower, or N Seoul Tower, is where this romantic gesture occurs in Seoul and the top of the tower offers a scenic view of the Seoul skyline.

To get to the top, you can take the cable car by walking from the Myeongdong station to the Namsan Oreumi – a free slanted elevator that will bring you to the starting point.

You will have to buy a ticket to take a ride on the cable car. You can also choose to take one of the shuttle buses from subway stations and get off at the N Seoul Tower stop.

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2) Gyeongbokgung Palace

When you think of the traditional Korean culture, Gyeongbokgung Palace will be one of the first palaces you think of. In the area, you will be able to rent Hanboks from nearby rental shops and take pictures in the palace itself. Get to see a glimpse of what the old Korean times were!

English tours are offered throughout the day and at the start of every hour from 11 am to 3 pm, the unique changing of guard ceremony takes place so be sure to come slightly earlier.

To visit the palace, you can either get off at the Gyeongbokgung Station Exit 5 or take a bus (No. 1020, 7025, 109, 171, 172, 601 or 606) here.

3) Lotte World & Everland

The two most well-known and largest amusement parks in Seoul are Lotte World and Everland.

If you’re in a rush for time during your trip, you can choose either one of the parks to explore the various rides and activities that are suitable for all ages – from thrilling roller-coaster rides to simpler but exciting VR rides! I would highly recommend you to spend an entire day at one of these amusement parks in order to fully explore the park. 

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Both parks have their pros and cons;

Everland is the largest theme park in South Korea and has the fastest and longest roller-coaster named the T-Express, thus it is definitely for those thrill-seekers out there. However, Everland is 2 hours away from Seoul city and might not be suitable for those with a tight schedule.

On the other hand, Lotte World is more family-friendly and has more child-friendly rides that are suitable if you have children on your trip. Moreover, Lotte World also is connected to the Lotte Mall for your shopping needs and is located at the Jamsil Station in the city, so it is definitely easier to get there.

Tip: Klook and Changi Recommends often sells cheaper entry tickets to these parks as compared to buying them on the spot so be on the lookout!

4) Starfield COEX Mall

The Starfield COEX Mall is a huge underground shopping complex that will satisfy all shopping urges with a large variety of brands and food options to choose from. It has recently undergone renovations and now is equipped with an enormous, beautiful library called the Starfield Library!

The Starfield Library is extravagant in its size and contains over 50,000 books – most are in Korean but there are some English titles available as well. You will definitely be able to take many stunning pictures of the architecture inside this mall and work on your Instagram feed!

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5) Stylenanda Pink Hotel

For those looking for some Instagram-worthy shots during your time in Seoul, Stylenanda Pink Hotel is the place for you to go!

Despite what its name suggests, the Stylenanda Hotel is actually a flagship store for both Stylenanda and 3CE Products and is full of clothing, makeup and accessories for you to shop from.

This store is located in the heart of Myeongdong and is 6 levels high, with a Pink Pool Cafe located at its rooftop. The entire complex is full of decorations for your aesthetic portraits and new profile pictures.

Furthermore, it is not far away from the Myeongdong Shopping District that you should definitely check out in order to shop til’ you drop! For those not travelling to Myeongdong, there is also another smaller Stylenanda Flagship Store in Hongdae, where the area is most noted for its cafes and shops targeted to teenagers.

6) Ihwa Mural Village

Other instagrammable places in Seoul include the Ihwa Mural Village that is a long trek up and has many interactive paintings that allow you to liven up your social media with interesting portraits!

The walls and steps of the village were painted by various artists in a project that has led it to become an extremely popular tourist spot. You can visit here by taking the subway to Hyehwa Station Exit 2.

7) Ewha Womans University

Last but not least, Ewha Womans University is famous for being one of the top universities in Korea, and its architecture will definitely cater to those looking for some cool shots in the vicinity. 

For those wanting to shop, however, it is also near the Ewha Womans Shopping Street, full of flagship stores and clothing shops that will attract shopaholics.

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