Top 8 Must-Try Instant Noodles In Asia

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Love eating instant noodles? It’s no secret many of us Singaporeans love eating instant noodles. Do you remember your childhood favourite noodles? For me, my all-time-favorite is undoubtedly the Maggi Chicken/Curry Flavoured noodles. But nonetheless, check out the Top 8 Instant Noodles in Asia that you simply cannot miss!

(Editor’s favourite)

Mom’s Dry Noodle Dan Dan Noodle 老妈拌面 (Taiwan)

The noodles are thin with sesame sauce, soy sauce, Sichuan peppers, and Sichuan peppercorns. According to The Ramen Rater, he says the flavors blend well together as a “nice sine wave” with “little notes coming out with little crescendos here and there.” The Ramen Rater is considering it for the Big Annual Top 10 List.

Nissin Demae Ramen Straight Noodle Spicy Tonkotsu Flavour (Hong Kong)

According to the Ramen Rater, the noodles are thin and straight with a very nice chew. The creamy and spicy pork bone broth is a melange of spicy and milky tonkotsu that had a deep and rich flavor.

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TTL(Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor) White Wine Carbonara Noodle (Taiwan)

The TTL White Wine Carbonara Noodle comes with a retort pouch will of creamy sauce and pork which is augmented by a sachet of white wine. A sipping soup is made with a separate sachet. The Ramen Rater said in his reviews: “It’s a rich and creamy carbonara with pieces of meat and vegetables throughout.”

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MyKuali Penang White Curry Noodles (Malaysia)

The garlic, onion and crustacean flavours of the chilli paste impart a lovely hint of sweetness to the rich and creamy broth. Recommended by many bloggers, this is comparable to Singapore’s Prima Taste Curry Ramen.

Prima Taste Laksa Wholegrain La Mian (Singapore)

It is also known as the noodle I will bring along on a deserted island. The addition of wholegrains element makes the noodles richer in fibre, vitamins, and minerals which can aid digestive health, and reduce the risk of overeating.

Gookmul Knight Of Ribs (South Korea)

The noodles have a gooey layer and the chewy innerness that is ramyun. Apart from the noodles, the sauce has lots of pieces of pork and vegetables smothered in a really nice galbi sauce, sweet and luxuriant.

Nongshim Neoguri Spicy Seafood Noodles (South Korea)

One of my favourite instant noodles as well. The noodles were delightfully chewy, providing an enjoyable mouthfeel. The seasoning was both sweet and savoury.

MAMA Instant Cup Noodles Seafood Pad Kee Mao Flavour (Thailand)

This cup noodle has a sweet seafood taste with a great bite of spiciness and it has a lingering flavor from the holy basil.

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