TOP Primary Schools 2019 and How to Register for 2020

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Singaporean parents are one of the most competitive in the world in terms of their children’s education, this guide will provide you with the necessary information to survive the primary school registration in 2019.

In Singapore, “All schools are good schools”, as the saying goes. However, what exactly makes a school a “good” school? It may differ from parent to parent, depending on what you value more. The following are some pointers to take into consideration as you make your decision.


You would definitely need to focus on the proximity of the school from your house as not only does it affect the convenience, it can also maximise sleep and lower transportation costs. This will greatly help your child’s transition to primary school education.

Single-sex or Coeducation?

There are indeed quite a few single-sex primary schools in Singapore, so what should you consider as you weigh your options? Some people prefer single-sex schools as they are more unbounded by gender stereotypes and less distracted by the opposite gender. It can also be empowering as they build camaraderie with their fellow same-gender friends, Otherwise, some parents prefer the converse as it may be good to expose your child to an environment where they work with, and hence grow together with, both genders from an early age.

Secondary School Affiliation 

About 30 primary schools are affiliated to secondary schools which confers the students some advantages when they wish to enroll in the affiliated school. This will definitely reduce the weight on your little ones’ shoulders as they cruise through their first 6 years of assessments.

While there are many things to consider, and the definition of a “good school” differs between individuals, we can take a look at some rankings of primary schools. The following is a list of the more popular schools in 2018 and 2019.

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Primary School Registration Phases

There are 3 main phases of registration, and a total of 7 sub-phases under the mains. Below is an easily understandable summary of the 7 phases, and date for registration.

Phase 1
Registration date: 3 – 4 July 2019
Announcement date: No announcement needed, 100% chance of entering successfully.
Reserved for: Child with sibling studying in the same school ONLY.

Phase 2A(1)
Registration date: 9 July 2019
Announcement date: 12 July 2019
Reserved for:
Child with parent in school alumni association before 30 June 2018.
Child with parent on school’s management.

Phase 2A(2)
Registration date: 15 – 16 July 2019
Announcement date: 19 July 2019
Reserved for:
Child with either sibling or parent studied in the school of choice.
Child whose parent a staff of the school of choice.
Child from MOE Kindergarten under purview of and co-located with the school of choice.

Phase 2B
Registration date: 22 – 23 July 2019
Announcement date: 26 July 2019
Reserved for:
Child whose parent had joined the school’s volunteer programme before 1 July 2017, and clocked 40 hours of volunteer work with the school before 30 July 2018.
Child whose parent is a member endorsed by the church/clan directly connected with the school.
Child whose parent is endorsed as an active community leader.

Phase 2C
Registration date:
30 July 9am until 1st Aug 4.30pm, 2019 (P1-IS Online Reg)
31 July – 2 Aug 2019 (School Reg)
Announcement date: 8 August 2019
Reserved for: Child eligible for Pri 1 in the following year and not yet registered in a pri-school.

Phase 2C Supplementary
Registration date:
12 Aug 9am to 13 Aug 4:30pm, 2019 (P1-IS Online Reg)
13 Aug – 14 Aug 2019 (School Reg)
Announcement date: 21 August 2019
Reserved for: Child eligible for Phase 2C but not yet registered.

Phase 3
Registration date: Oct 2019 (Date TBC)
Announcement date: By 31 October 2019
Reserved for: ONLY non-Singaporean / Permanent Resident (PR) children who express interest and granted by MOE in October 2019 with their pri-school placing.
IMPORTANT: All non-SC / non-PR children are required to first submit an online indication of interest form from 4 June 2019 (Tuesday), 9.00am to 10 June 2019 (Monday), 4.30pm. Click here for more info.

So what is your choice of primary school?

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