This is how your Travel Luggage is Treated by the Ground Crew

Travellers often treat their travel luggage like a princess. They, themselves, do not mistreat it and do not expect others to. However, do they know what actually happens once they check in their luggage? Well, the two videos below will give you a behind-the-scenes look.

In both videos, the ground crews are seen roughly throwing the luggage around. Imagine if one of those pieces of luggage were yours instead. If you are thinking that these will never happen in Singapore, look carefully at the second video. It is uploaded to Tony Fernandes’ Facebook page. Who is Tony Fernandes? Well, he is the CEO of AirAsia group.

Those ground crews are from AirAsia. This video was first posted on Facebook by a user named Fen Lim. She uploaded the video together with a photo which is apparently showing a damaged bicycle.

From all the rough throwing, Ms Lim reported that her bicycle is damaged. Who knows what else is damaged…

AirAsia has since reacted to the video with both Tony Fernandes and CEO Riad Asmat coming out.

CEO Riad Asmat has stated that the budget airline will waive all fees to transport bicycles in April. They have promised to improve their service and ensure that such incidents do not repeat.

Ms Lim has seen the apologises and replied

“Thank you Tan Sri Tony Fernandes for acknowledging and taking actions”

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