Traveling is incomplete without the right partner, Find out who is your perfect companion!!

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The perfect holiday is when you have the perfect partner! A true travel buddy can make your trip so much more fun. memorable and relaxed. So how are you going to determine who is your perfect partner? Find out which personality is required for your perfect travel companion in a short test below!!


While preparing for a trip, other than necessities, what other items would you bring?

A. Playing cards, Monopoly, Boardgames

B. Medicines, First Aid

C. Your favorite soft toy

D. Headphone

E. Travel Guide



Answers revealed!! Find out which type of personality suits you best!!

A. Playing cards, Monopoly 【Outgoing Type】

You are the type where boredom will kill you instantly, always filled with energy, enjoying every moment of the trip the maximum! Despite the hectic schedule, you will still be left with tonnes of energy to continue having fun at night! You should rally a group of friends with the same level of energy, friends who crack jokes every now and then. This will ensure to fill your trip with fun and laughter!!

B. Medications, First Aid 【Careful Type】

You are a careful person, considering all situations possible, thus, getting prepared for them. As such, you would require a partner who is as careful so you would provide assistance, reminding one another to be prepare for the coming trip. This will keep you at ease during the trip.

C. Your favorite soft toy 【Mature Type】

Your personality tends to rely on others, you will find yourself hard to decide on what you want. You require assistance on decision making, be it to which destination for scenery viewing or be it local delights as you are not equipped enough with all the informations required. You should get a companion who can take care of this little things, say, someone elder, family or a partner who can make decisions for you.

D. Headphone 【Independent Type】

You have an independent personality who can travel alone. If you would like to travel in pairs, your most suitable partner should be as independent as you, no need for them to rely on you, able to take care of themselves. This can diffuse situations like not agreeing on where to visit. The two of you can be on your on way to visit your own interest.

E. Travel Magazine 【Sharing Type】

You like a planned trip. You will do a lot of research on planning the itinerary. You should look for a companion who has the same interest as you so you can share traveling tips with one another, further discussing on the itinerary and counter any incident if one pops up.





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