Trump and Kim Jung Un possibly meet in Singapore?

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US President Donald Trump tweeted on 9 Mar 2018 that a meeting with the North Korea leader Kim Jung Un is being planned.

Photo of Trump using a phone not authorised in the White House.

After a series of tweets about pointing fingers at North Korea for being pro-nuclear and pro-war, Trump shocked the entire US and possibly the world on a recent tweet regarding a planned meeting with Kim Jung Un.

With this, people must be wondering, where the heck will the meeting take place?

Meeting of such magnitude must be done in a venue where the location cannot be more favourable to either party.

Kim Jung Un clapping

Straight out of the ball, this will strike out locations such as the United States, North Korea, Panmunjom (the demilitarised zone between North and South Korea), China, Russia, and South Korea itself.

Here’s why:

Capital of North Korea, Pyongyang

North Korea is definitely the first country to be ruled out, as the US will never want to honour Kim by visiting his soil, since Kim will undoubtedly parade the largest and the most lavish military show he could fork out to demonstrate power.

Washington DC, Parliament House

The United States will not be considered as well, for the same reason as above, it will show Kim, the murderous tyrant who regularly threatens to destroy the US (due to Trump’s aggressive twitting), too much honour.

Tian An Men, Beijing

Beijing won’t be considered due to their tension with Japan, therefore the US will not want to stir the pot intentionally.

Kremlin, Moscow

Moscow won’t be considered because, well, it is in mother Russia, US will never tolerate that.

There are still many other countries that won’t make the list due to various reasons like, Japan, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, and numerous Islamic countries, etc.

This leaves them with only a handful of options.

The first on the list will be Singapore, followed by Mongolia (which has decent relations with North Korea), Geneva, Switzerland, Vatican, and some other less significant ones.

Skyline of Singapore

Singapore is small, but was named in many prestigious lists such as being: First on the list of safest countries in the world, second in the top investment destination list, the 6th least corrupt country in the world, 10th on GDP worldwide, and many other lists.

Our policies do favour the US in some way as they are our allies, but it is in no way less favourable to North Korea compared to the many other countries out there.

Capital of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar

Mongolia is neutral to the United States, but their recent dealings with North Korea had people raising eyebrows, and thus lowers the chance of the US accepting them as host.

Capital of Switzerland, Geneva

Geneva is the capital of Switzerland, which is one of the most neutral countries in the world, at the same time dubbed at the “Tax Heaven” for many companies due to their neutral stance.

Dictators are usually very careful about leaving their country, worrying that they might not have a country to return to if a revolt happens.

Especially when Kim Jung Un has never travelled abroad as a leader, many unknowns will be brought into the light if he ever decides to hold the meeting outside of North Korea.

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