Two Singaporeans MISSING in Johor Mountains

2 Singaporeans have been missing since Monday (5 Feb) morning after entering a mountain trail at Gunung Pulai in Kulai, Johor.

The mountain was closed, but the 2 hikers, a man and a woman who are young adults, entered anyway.

gunung pulai mountain
Gunung Pulai Mountains has been closed since some incidents in the past.

A report from investigators said it is believed that the woman hurt herself and the man attempted to call for help on his phone.

Malaysia’s Kulai district police chief reported that a search and rescue operation, which involved 28 officers from their departments, is still ongoing.

Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has officials from the consulate-general in JB “to assist the affected Singaporean families”.

Ongoing search and rescue operations at Gunung Pulai

A friend of the missing Singaporeans has posted a Facebook post imploring anyone with any information whatsoever to help.

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