Uber driver JAILED 14 months for having sex with minor

An impulsive act led by the thoughts of his other head earned an uber driver a 14 months’ jail sentence on Monday (May 7), after pleading guilty last month to one count of having sex with the minor, who was then 15 years old.

While cruising along Elias Road in the evening on Jan 19 last year, Isyam Rahmat, 36, stopped his car to ask the girl, who had been waiting for a taxi by the road, where she was headed.


When the girl replied that she wanted to go to Downtown East, Rahmat insisted that he take her there. She initially declined his offer, but eventually got into his car.


He then learnt about her age and bought her a meal at a fast-food restaurant. He proceeded to ask if she could lepak, before calling his friend to ask about establishments that provide accommodation without requiring to verify the identities of their customers.


Later that evening, he drove her to a multi-storey carpark and outlined his designs on her, touching her right thigh, to which she pushed away in response. He then took her back to Elias Road.


The girl who ran away from home due to family issues spent that night at the void deck of a block of flats.


Bored, the girl phoned him the following day and he picked her up again, this time with his friend, Jamalludin Abdullah, 65, in the back seat. According to Deputy Public Prosecutor James Chew, Isyam drove around in search for secluded places such as East Coast Park and Changi Beach that have a few or no police CCTVs after they had dinner.


Finally, Isyam stopped at Jamalludin’s home in Punggol Central at around 4am on Jan 21 last year and the trio went to a staircase landing on the 16th storey of his block of flats.


According to DPP Chew, the girl had felt fearful and thought of escaping, but her unfamiliarity with the area held her back. Jamalludin went home and Isyam proceeded to have unprotected sex with the minor. DPP Chew added that the girl complied as she felt helpless.


When Jamalludin returned soon afterwards asking the teenager for sex, she refused. Isyam then took her back to Elias Road and she made a police report later that morning. The two men were apprehended by police officers the following day.


While Isyam has been convicted and sentenced to 14 months in jail, Jamalludin’s case is still pending. For having sex with the minor, Isyam could have been jailed for up to 10 years and fined.




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