UberEats deliveryman who stole parcel apologies, refunds owner

The UberEats deliveryman who was caught on CCTV stealing a $343 parcel from a condo doorstep has since publicly apologised for his actions.

If you are unaware of the incident, you can read what happened below here:

Uber Eats delivery guy steals $343 package from condo doorstep

Initially posted on Stomp, the story drew large attention and a police report was lodged.

The UberEats deliveryman in question, who remains unnamed, had since reached out to Stomp.

He gave himself up and admitted he was the man in the video, and requested the contact of the condo resident whose parcel he had stolen.

He also requested that his apology be made known to the resident. It is here as follows:

Screenshot of the letter. Source

Dear Mdm,

I, (name withheld), sincerely apologize for my foolish actions. I have no excuse for what I did which caused you and your family unnecessary trouble, anger and frustration.I have definitely learnt my lesson. I feel terrible about what I have done. I have caused hurt, not only you and your family, but mine as well. I promise to turn over a new leaf.

I humbly seek for your forgiveness and I hope you’ll forgive me for the trouble I have caused. I humbly seek your mercy in withdrawing both the police report and the Stomp article. Please accept the compensation as a sincere offering and apology.

(name withheld)

Since then, he has repaid the resident $350 – above the value of the $343 parcel containing cosmetics he had stolen.

He also offered to return the contents of the parcel, though the resident declined the offer.

He begged the condo resident to withdraw the police report, which she kindly agreed to do.

While a lodged police report backed by evidence can never be fully dismissed, the UberEats deliveryman will now likely receive a lesser charge of mischief, as opposed to theft of property.

His career in UberEats might be a different story, though.

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