ULTRA Singapore 2019 – Where to get GUARANTEED tickets and ALL you need to know about it!

Get ready to party non-stop this coming 8th and 9th of June! Look no further for your comprehensive one-stop guide to Ultra Singapore 2019

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The time of the year is here again for Ultra Singapore.

Whether this is your first or repeat time attending Ultra Singapore, this guide serves to provide you with what to expect and how to prepare for the upcoming music festival of the year, happening right here in the heart of Singapore!

Here are 3 facts you should know about Ultra Singapore to kick things off!

  1. The first time Ultra came to Singapore was in 2015, and it has been coming back yearly ever since, with this year being its fourth edition!
  2. It will be held at Ultra Park, which is conveniently located right smack in the centre of Singapore, in front of the world famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel.
  3. Ultra Singapore will be a 2-day long event, on the 8th and 9th of June. Gates open at 12 pm in the afternoon and close at 11.30 pm at night.
  4. There’s an afterparty happening at MARQUEE, Singapore’s newest and largest nightclub. So don’t worry if you can’t get enough of the EDM action, just head on over next door to party on for the night!

Read on to find out more about Ultra Singapore and how to enjoy it to it’s fullest!

Travel on a Budget & Friendly Customer Service with WeekendGoWhere! Whatsapp +65 9457 2440 OR call +65 6358 4231 (9am to 6pm). Quote “SingaporeGo” as your source.

Ultra Singapore 2019 Line-Up

Picture credits: Ultra Singapore

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Getting your Tickets

There are two basic types of tickets for Ultra Singapore – General Admission (GA) and Premium General Admission (PGA).

GA ticket holders enter the festival through the West Entrance and can visit every stage as well as most food and bar options.

PGA ticket holders enter the festival through an expedited entrance. They may visit every stage and have their own dedicated viewing area of the Ultra Main Stage. In addition, PGA ticket holders have access to separate restrooms and queues to all bars and top-up stations.

These are the types of tickets which you may purchase:

  • 2-Day Ticket – Admission for both days of Ultra Singapore.
  • 1-Day Ticket – Admission for one day of Ultra Singapore, where you must indicate which day you would like to attend when purchasing the ticket
  • 2-Day Payment Plan – Pay for your ticket to Ultra Singapore in separate instalments. Admission for both days of Ultra Singapore.
  • Ultra Passport Packs – Get 6 tickets for the price of 5. This offer is for 2-day tickets only and is available exclusively to Ultra Passport holders.

Be sure to get your tickets from the official website to avoid getting scammed by fraudulent websites and plan your trip in advance according to the days you plan to attend Ultra Singapore.

2 weeks prior to the event, you will receive a confirmation email with your e-ticket, along with instructions on where to collect your wristband. (which is required for entry into Ultra Park)

Below are the 2 wristband pick-up options; before and during Ultra Singapore:

Prior to the Event

Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre
Floor B2
Hall F
Wednesday, June 5th – Friday, June 7th
5pm – 9pm (GMT+8)

During the Event

Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre
Floor B2
Hall F
Saturday, June 8th & Sunday, June 9th
10am – 4pm (GMT+8)

Getting to Ultra Singapore

Ultra Singapore 2019 will be at Ultra Park, which is located just across the street from Marina Bay Sands. (1 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018971)

To provide you with the most convenience, we have compiled a list of MRT stations and Bus Services which will make your journey to Ultra Singapore just that much easier!


Bayfront Station (Circle Line; Downtown Line)

Marina Bay Station (Circle Line; North-South Line)


97, 97e, 106, 133, 502, 502a, 518, 518a


You may indicate your drop-off location as Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Marina Bay Station, Bayfront Station or Sands Expo and Convention Centre. These places are all situated within walking distance to Ultra Park.

Getting Around Ultra Singapore

Prior to the event, the official site map of Ultra Park will be released. You can expect to find the locations of stages and food/bar options, as well as emergency points and restroom locations. It is especially important to pay attention to where the first-aid tents are located in the case of any unforeseen emergencies that may occur.

There are 3 stages at the event: Main Stage, Ultra Worldwide Stage, and RESISTANCE.

One of the biggest mistakes first-time attendees make is neglecting to explore the entire event map. We go to great lengths to make sure that, no matter where you go, you will be able to listen to top talent from all across the globe.

For added convenience, you may wish to download the official Ultra Worldwide Application on your mobile phone. Through the application, you are able to create and plan your own schedule, which you will be notified by during the event prior to each scheduled artist’s performance, ensuring you don’t miss a minute of the action.

Useful Tips for Ultra Singapore

  • Festival-goers must be aged 18 and above to attend.
  • Remember to visit the official website to see what items are prohibited from entering the event! You won’t want to disappoint yourself by bringing items which you thought were acceptable only to find out last minute at the gates that they aren’t.
  • Do pay attention to Ultra Singapore’s CLEAR bag policy! Ultra Singapore does not allow normal backpacks that are not made of a clear material. (plastic, PVC, mesh)
  • While there are no specific dress codes, do take in mind that the event will be taking place in the afternoon! Coupled with Singapore being located smack in the tropics, you should try not to overdress to prevent any unwanted heat injuries!
  • Do take note of the valid forms of identification you will require to show to enter the event. In short, only Valid Government Issued Identification and/or Driver’s License is valid. For more information on the specific types of identification accepted, do visit their official website.
  • There is NO re-entry for Ultra Singapore. This means that the moment you step out of Ultra Park for whatever reasons while the event is still ongoing, you will not be able to re-enter until the next day.
  • Bring extra power/battery banks for your mobile phone, as you wouldn’t want your mobile to die halfway through the festival, leaving you with no means of communication and lost photo/video opportunities.
  • For Non-Residents, be sure to get a local SIM card at the Airport to prevent any inconveniences you may run into. The last thing you would want is having to worry about getting separated from your friends and to be uncontactable when you should be enjoying yourself.

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We hope this article has been useful in providing you with some insight as to what to expect and how to prepare for Ultra Singapore 2019! Have fun but remember to stay safe and drink up!

Travel on a Budget & Friendly Customer Service with WeekendGoWhere! Whatsapp +65 9457 2440 OR call +65 6358 4231 (9am to 6pm). Quote “SingaporeGo” as your source.

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