Unique bottled water you might not have seen before

Is bottled water better for you? 


We drink bottled water for several reasons.

It is convenient and portable. We don’t trust our local tap water. We compare them as a better alternative to sugared water. Or we drink “branded” water just to feel “classy” (*cough* Voss/Evian *cough)

Whatever the case, people have been consuming mineral water, packaged drinking water, distilled water, spring water and the likes. The latest of which includes oxygenated water/alkaline water.

The health benefits claimed by proponents of bottled water are often contrasted with equally convincing counters of higher costs, environmental degradation and toxin inducing materials.

On the other hand, tap water has fluoride elements that have been found to have lowered IQ scores in children.

Chlorine levels is also a health concern for many.

This is in spite of PUB maintaining a rigorous servicing and monitoring programme from the water supply to the end consumer’s tap.

Here are some quirky water products to have been mass produced.


Blk Water

Image by HealthGauge via Flickr

It gets its name from the fulvic acid which turns the alkaline water within, natural black.

Apparently, it has a dirty aftertaste and tastes bad when warm.


Boxed water is better

Image by Schill via Flickr

Is it though? It is still packaged water, albeit in a biodegradable cartoon that reduces fewer grammes of greenhouse gas emissions (per litre container)


Diamond Water

Image by Widgetware via Pinterest

The 9.5 ph value of the alkaline water that undergoes filtering with a diamond apparently has health benefits and positive energy to boot.

We suggest just boiling tap water or installing an internal filtering system to put your mind at ease.