UPDATE: BMW DRIVER SPEAKS UP on #10dollardriver incident at Caltex Tampines

Following up on the #10dollardriver incident, the BMW driver has surfaced to make his stand, telling his side of the story.

Responding to an interview with Shin Min Daily News, he mentioned that the elderly pump attendant heard him saying (to pump) “full tank”, to which he disputes that he had only told the attendant “10 dollars” (worth of petrol).


He added that it was only because the attendant insisted that he had asked for a full tank- which of course, he denied, and that the attendant would not admit to his mistake that fanned the flames to the heated debate.


He was further angered when he claimed that the attendant raised his voice and told the cashier, “Okay, let him pay $10, I’ll pay the rest of the money myself”, before walking away. However, the driver emphasised that it was never his intention to make the latter shoulder the remaining sum.


In his defence, the reason he gave for wanting to only pump $10 worth of petrol was because he was on his way to trade in his vehicle with a car dealer in Jurong, and was worried that the commute might consume more petrol than anticipated. He felt that it was also unnecessary to have more than the required amount of petrol.


The driver has filed a police report in worry for the safety of his family after netizens identified and plastered his personal details online.


Caltex Singapore also released a statement about the incident, advising the community to “refrain from any personal or group responses towards those involved and leave the matter to the appropriate authorities.”

They say to never judge a book by its cover or be too quick to jump the gun. It would have also been apt to insert the overly-used “You know my name not my story” quote here, but it seems like netizens now know his name and his story.



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