[Update] International School “Kidnappings”

Previously, news channels have been reporting of potential kidnapping cases near international schools such as UWC and Tanglin Trust School. There were 2 separate cases of driver asking a female student to get into their van. These 2 incidents have sparked a debate over safety in Singapore, making many parents worried about their children.

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UWC. Source: The Telegraph

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Tanglin Trust School

Schools have since step up their efforts to prevent such cases from happening. By sending out more patrols and advising students on how they should response to such incidents, schools hope that students will be more alert and keep themselves safe.

However, it appears that most people were simply over-paranoid over 1 of the reported incidents.

According to police statements, it is revealed that one of the van drivers questioned had “no ill intentions” and was simply offering a ride to the girl as it was raining. Police have also advised the public on not to over-speculate as it seems to merely taints the reputation of kind-hearted soul.

While it is unfortunate for a kind-hearted soul to have been wronged, it is still an intelligent act by the students to ignore strangers and report the incident to their teachers. Looks like SingaporeGo was wrong to have used the word “kidnapping”…oops
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