UPLIFTING NEWS – Someone made a rain shelter for the neighbourhood cats!

The recent monsoon season has been a major inconvenience for many, and has cast a dreary and depressing mood over our usually sunny garden city. But this has not stopped one good Samaritan from going out of his way to help ‘those’ in need. More specifically, a couple of cuddly clowder of cats!

Unlike the most of us, who take the roof over our heads for granted, these poor strays are often left to the mercy of the weather to stay dry. And in the particularly cold and unforgiving rainy season recently, they often find themselves cold and wet and generally feeling miserable.

But thanks to the one good Samaritan, who built a make shift rain shelter out of an umbrella, a plank and a few pieces of dry clothe, the cats of Hillview are assured a warm, dry nights sleep. Just look at the their faces of content! Absolutely adorable!

These pictures were shared by a John Callahan, to the the Cat Welfare Society (CWS) of Singapore. He discovered the make shift shelter set up at the bicycle racks of Hillview MRT station.


Unfortunately, as some netizens have also pointed out, this shelter would probably not stay for long as it is obstructing public property and would most likely be removed by the town council sooner or later.

However, it does show that Singaporeans have the aptitude to do good. Hopefully the relevant authorities would look into this and provide our furry friends with a permanent home!

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