Vehicle Caught Fire, SCDF to the rescue

We have seen much of the heroic acts of the SCDF recently. From saving an armed suicidal woman to aiding with e-scooters fire, they also just put out the fire on a van.

According to LTA, the van caught fire while travelling on the CTE on 9th Feb evening.

Source: FaceBook/KP Lau
Source: FaceBook/KP Lau

Residents living near reported that they heard “some explosion at around 5.10p.m.”. SCDF then reported that they have received the notice and arrived at the location at about 5.20p.m. Talk about speedy…

Straits Times reported in their interview that the SCDF team, using two compressed air foam backpacks and two water jets, put out the fire within 10 minutes of their arrival. Talk about efficiency…

The residents also praised SCDF for their speed and efficiency.

Fortunately, no one was injured although it did cause a massive congestion on CTE up to Orchard Road exit. The cause of the fire has yet been revealed.

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