[Video] CHOPPER WIELDING, DRUG SMOKING man tackled police

A man was tackled and apprehended by the police for possession of offensive weapon in a public place and suspected drug-related offences on the night of 28th January at Eunos Crescent Market.


It was reported that the 60 year-old man has been wielding a cleaver dangerously around, before the the video was recorded, which resulted in the involvement of the police.


credits: Stomp Singapore

In the video, the man could be seen shouting at himself and at onlookers, was staggering about, and clearly not in the right state of mind, indicating the likelihood that he was under the influence of drugs. Meanwhile, groups of police armed with rifles batons and shields surrounded him.
While the man was distracted, 4 officers swiftly tackled him to the ground and immobilized him.
Fortunately, no onlookers were injured. In response to queries, the police revealed that they received the call for assistance at 6.59 p.m.
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