[Video] Couple T-BONED BY TRUCK on their way to visit Critically Ill daughter

Have you had one of those days where everything goes badly, and it feels like the whole universe is conspiring against you? That is exactly what one couple felt on the fateful afternoon of Wednesday (Jan 28).

They were en route to National University Hospital (NUH) to visit their 20-months-old daughter, who was hospitalized there for heart failure when the accident occurred.

While travelling along West Coast Highway at 3.10 p.m.,  they were sideswiped and T-boned by a truck. They were then ALSO admitted to NUH for treatment.

Said Jason Ho, who detailed the accident in a Facebook post:

I was dragged for 5m to 10m after the impact

Jason stated that due to the incident, he suffered injuries to his spine neck and left hand, and slipped in and out of consciousness. His wife also injured her back.

He also angrily complained that  “The truck driver does not want to admit that he sideswiped me during the accident.”.

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