[VIDEO] Eastern Singapore struck by heavy rain and a MINI HURRICANE

First floods, then hail, and now a hurricane??? In the latest episode of Singapore vs. Nature that happened yesterday (Jan 31), Singapore took yet another loss, as lightning, heavy rain and even a mini hurricane pummeled eastern Singapore.

According to the Meteorological service Singapore, the formation of huge rain clouds were visible at Bedok and East Coast Park at around 4 p.m. yesterday, resulting in ridiculously strong winds and heavy rain.

The winds were strong enough for the Meteorological Services Singapore to issue a warning to those in Eastern Singapore. Two videos captured the damage done by the mini hurricane that terrorized East Coast Park.


In the videos, sailing boats and rubbish bins could be seen being flung around like pieces of trash. One unfortunate bin was even blown into the sea. mother Nature truly isn’t forgiving during the monsoon season.

Singaporego would like to advice readers to constantly take note of the latest weather updates and take shelter in times of extreme weather conditions. At least someone is doing something about it.