Vivocity Kopitiam charges $14 for a plate of Nasi Padang, Customer Unhappy

FB: $14 for a plate of Nasi Padang?!

White rice + 1 Fried Fish + 1 Vegetable in Nasi Padang at Kopitiam. How much do you think it cost customer Nizam Vanderbeek?

14 dollars.

That’s right, the simple Nasi Padang dish, bought at Vivocity Kopitiam, set Vanderbeek back by $14.00.

The Nasi Padang dish and the receipt. Source: Facebook

Just in case you are unfamiliar of the cost of Nasi Padang in Singapore, the average cost in various Kopitiams is usually around $4.00 – 6.50, and almost never goes above $10 unless you order extra portions.

Vanderbeek had no choice but to pay the money on the spot, but took to social media FB page Halal Cafe & Restaurants in Singapore to rant about the price.

In less than 24 hours, his rant garnered over 1,000 shares from Singaporeans who either felt sorry at his plight or found the price of the Nasi Padang ridiculous.

Additionally, Vanderbeek wrote in to Kopitiam’s customer service enquiring why the cost of the Nasi Padang was so disproportionately high.

Vanderbeek’s query on the outrageous Nasi Padang price

However, Kopitiam has yet to respond.

The Kopitiam outlet is located at B2 of Vivocity, where everything is expected to be slightly more upscale than other areas in Singapore.

Do you have any similar experiences with irregularly priced foods? Let us know!

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