Want to eat durian and keep fit? Do the Durian Run

Want to eat durian and keep fit? Do the Durian Run


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Who knew you could combine two random things together and turn it into an actual event?

The durian season is upon us, so how about you RUN while LUGGING your durian?

Sounds crazy, but it’s happening on 23 July at Ci Yuan Community Club.

The event, “Run for Good Durian Run 5 km” is organised by Central Singapore CDC and Ang Mo Kio-Hougang CC.

The healthy lifestyle initiative rewards you with a t-shirt, completion medal, coconut* and a chance in a lucky draw.

20 participants will get to walk away with a prized Mao Shan durian.

You get to have a fun run with your family and friends, enjoy your durians after, all the while knowing it’s for a good cause.

You can sign up for it here. Registration will cost $15 per pax.

*You get the option to have your coconuts and durians opened onsite after the run.


I don’t know how you will be holding on to your durian, but I know I won’t be carrying them with my bare hands. Unless you are as tough as this guy of course.


Credits: Giphy