Warning: Zika is Back in Singapore!

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Singaporeans were exposed first hand to the dangerous disease spread by mosquitos, the Zika virus, back in 2016 and 2017.

The NEA confirmed 2 cases of Zika virus infection in Singapore, both at Hougang in 2017. Thought to have disappeared in Singapore due to lack of a reported case for the past 4 months, it appears that Zika is back.

Time to Panic?

According to the Ministry of Health (MOH), it was confirmed that the first case in 2018, since 29th Sep 2017, took place on 18th Jan. The patient has been admitted to the hospital and is currently receiving treatment. It is unclear, as of now, where and when the victim was infected with the disease.

Zika virus is especially detrimental to the health of pregnant women and their fetus. It is known to cause Microcephaly in unborn fetus, a condition where the child’s head becomes smaller than normal and this damages the the developing brain tissues.

Right is a normal kid. Source: Wikipedia

A pregnant patient diagnosed with Zika virus should arrange for immediate admission to a public hospital. Check MOH’s website for more information.

Watch the video below on how to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.