Water price hike leads to a sharp drop in usage in Singapore

The consumption of water per capita fell from 148 litres in 2016, to 143 litres in 2017, after the Government introduced a 30 percent increase in water price last year.

Mr Masagos Zulkifli, Minister of the Environment and Water, said in Parliament that water usage per capita sharply dropped by 5 litres in a year, after the Government introduced a 30 percent increase in price.

The immediate fell in usage lead to the Government’s target of 147 litres by capita by 2020 achieved pre-maturely. The next target will be 140 litres per capita by 2030.

Mr Masagos said that the cause of the lowered water consumption was not solely contributed by the rise in price, but also the effort made in other mandatory water efficiency labeling schemes.

The scheme head by Public Utility Board (PUB) which requires the suppliers of water dispensing fixtures to be labeled a minimum of one efficiency rating tick on all of their products, with a maximum of four ticks.

There are other similar schemes currently being run by the PUB.

One of them will be the installation of automated meters in 500 households in Punggol, aiming at providing homeowners timely information on their water consumption.

The automated meters came with a mobile app, which displays the user their water usage, and alerts them when high water usage was detected.

They have plans to implement this system nationwide.

“Through a mobile app, the family can track and take steps to reduce their daily water usage. They have also saved about 8,000 litres of water after being alerted by their app to a leak in their water closet,” said Mr Masagos.

Writer’s thoughts:
When they say save water and you will save money, people will tend to listen to it as that thought is being planted in their head.

But whenever we try to save water, the revenue the government receives from our water consumption decreases, causing them to find ways to increase their source of income.

The easiest way for them will be to raise the price of water supply to accompany the drop in usage, and this is happening right now as I write/you read.

So tell me, where does the saving come from if the drop in water usage is only a mere 3.4%, but the price hike is 30%. The average saving for the water usage will be a -26.6%.

Kind of ridiculous ain’t it?

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