Wedding Ang Bao Complete Guide 2018: How Much to Give for Each Hotel

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So after yesterday’s post on the cost of wedding banquets, many people should be rushing to get married. Right? So, now the rest of you will start worrying about one thing, wedding Ang Bao rates…

God of Fortune giving money

Pardon the poor photoshop but you get the idea…

Well, you gotta do what you gotta do so we will give you a guide on how much to give for wedding Ang Baos. This is so that you won’t be seen as stingy but will also not be giving too much money away.

The rates of the Ang Bao depends very heavily on one factor: Price of 1 Banquet Table. It does not matter how close you are to the couple, as long as you want to save money but don’t want to be seen as a miser, you will give proportionally to that price. Afterall, the main point is that you are paying for your own meal and thus do not need to feel guilty.

So, we will organise it by the location that the wedding is held at:

1. Capella Singapore

Capella Hotel

Source: Capella Hotel

A high-class wedding location, this is the dream location for all brides. (But that just means higher cost)

The price for 1 table with 8-course dinner including steamed garoupa and braised 4 treasure chicken, 1 barrel of beer, 1-hour couple’s massage and a 1-night stay in a villa costs $1,988.

Of course, we do not expect you to pay for the massage and villa so we are assuming $1,800 for the meal. Taking it as a table for 8, each person should pay $225 to break even.

Verdict: $230 per person

  • 3 $50 notes
  • 8 $10 notes (8 is the lucky number)

2. St Regis

St. Regis

Source: The St. Regis Singapore

Another high-class wedding location, you can prepare to fork out more.

At the same price of $1,988 per table, what the couple will get is an 8-course dinner with braised bird’s nest broth and oven-baked cod fillet, 1 barrel of beer, a personalised wedding cake and a 2-night stay at Caroline Astor Suite.

Not considering the 2-night stay, it should be about $1,700 for 8 and thus $212.50 for 1.

Verdict: $218 per person

  • 4 $50 notes
  • 9 $2 notes (Trying hard to get that 8)

3. Ritz-Carlton Millenia

Ritz Carlton

Source: The Ritz Carlton

When I was a kid, I always thought Ritz Carlton was the best hotel in the world. It is a 5-star hotel and a lot of effort was put to ensure that it will run smoothly. So, as expected, it is one of the most popular choices for holding a wedding banquet.

A $1,878 table will come with an 8-course dinner including steamed soon hock fish and braised Hong Kong silver noodles with crabmeat. There will also be a barrel of beer and a 2-night hotel stay for the newlyweds.

Guests will only enjoy about $1,680 worth, meaning $210 on average.

Verdict: $210 per person

  • 3 $50 notes (Just trying to avoid the number 4)
  • 6 $10 notes

4. Grand Hyatt

Grand Hyatt

Source: singaporebrides

I am running out of words to describe wedding locations… This looks nice?

Price for 1 table is $1,788. It comes with 8-course dinner including whole abalone and fried sea scallops. Couple get a 2-night stay in a Grand Suite with Club Access.

So guests will expect a meal of about $1,600, where each person eats $200 worth of food.

Verdict: $200 per person

  • 2 $100 notes (or 4 $50 if they don’t care about the ‘4’)

5. W Singapore Sentosa Cove

Enchanted Forest Wedding at W Singapore Sentosa Cove

Source: Pinterest

This location surprised me the most. I thought this location should be the most expensive in terms of cost since well, it is held at Sentosa Cove. Maybe I have some erroneous info but let’s just proceed.

At $1,748 per table, there is an 8-course dinner, 1 barrel of beer mixology bar and a 1-night hotel stay. Ignoring the hotel day, I would say about $1,600 for 8? So it will be $200 on average, same as Grand Hyatt.

Verdict: $200 per person

  • 2 $100 notes

6. Shangri-La


Source: Shangri-La Weddings

Looks nice and feels nice.

With the price of $1,688 per table, there is an 8-course dinner with steamed star garoupa and braised sliced abalone. There will also be 2 barrels of beer, 2-night hotel stay and 2-night honeymoon at Tanjung Aru Resorts & Spa in Kota Kinabalu.

As you can see, a large portion of the price is only enjoyed by the couple. Hence, we are taking $1,300 for food and thus $162.50 per person.

Verdict: $188 per person

  • 1 $100 note
  • 8 $10 notes
  • 4 $2 notes

7. The Fullerton Hotel

The Fullerton Hotel

Source: The Fullerton Hotels

Had the experience of working as a runner for this hotel, it looks quite nice on the interior and should provide an unforgettable wedding banquet. But that is just my personal opinion so don’t come flame me if you don’t like it.

Guests will get a multiple-choice menu including stir-fried scallops and roasted duck with plum sauce. There will also be 1 barrel of beer. 1 bottle of wine and a 2-night stay at Loft Suite (obviously only for the wedding couple). All these at $1,588 for a table of 8 and after the deduction, I will say…$175 each?

Verdict: $168 per person

  • 3 $50 notes
  • 9 $2 notes

*only one where you pay less hehe

8. Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands

Source: engagement rings

Jack and Rose on the Titanic were romantic but I don’t think many Singaporeans find that realistic. So we will settle for the boat on land, Marina Bay Sands (hehe I so funny).

Jokes aside, Marina Bay Sands offers the cheapest table on this list at $1,388 per table. For that price, there is an 8-course menu with steamed marble goby and bird’s nest with mango juice and pomelo. The couple also gets a 1-night stay at the bridal suite to move the Earth.

So, this means about $1,200 for the 8 guest and thus $150 per person.

Verdict: $150 per person

  • 3 $50 notes

And that concludes our list of the Wedding Ang Bao rate for 8 hotels. These are all assumed to take place during a Saturday wedding dinner. The price may be cheaper for weekdays or lunch so you can do some adjustments on your own. If the table was meant for 10 instead of 8, we apologise for the blunder and you can go do your own math.

On a side note, this is not meant to suggest that you attend a wedding ceremony and all you should care about is the money and the food. We are just offering you some advice on the money you should give in the Wedding Ang Bao so you will not be seen as stingy.

Of course, one should not care too much about the money and simply give within your means.

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Give Ang Bao Guide – 2018 Edition

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