More Wet Weather in First Half of March

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Better bring your umbrellas out with you whenever you leave the house.

The Meteorological Service of Singapore announced yesterday (1 Mar) that it is forecasting more rain in the first 2 weeks of March, as compared to the previous fortnight.

Thundery showers are expected for seven to nine days out of the next two weeks, during the afternoon and early evenings.

Rainy Singapore

More showers expected in Singapore for the next 2 weeks

Additionally, windy conditions of passing showers, as well as cooler temperatures, are expected on a few days in the second week of March.

The Meteorological Service of Singapore has attributed the showers to a “weak monsoon surge” that is likely to affect the South China Sea and its surroundings.

Daily temperature forecasts are expected to range between 23 degrees Celsius and 33 degrees celsius.

The wet and cool weather probably comes as a relief for most Singaporeans, as the UV index hit a record high in mid-February:

The weather in Singapore in January was probably one of the most bizarre in years:

A look back at January’s Bizarre Weather

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