What You Can Learn From The Story Of YanXi Palace

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Catching up your dramas over the weekends? YanXi Palace is one of the best Chinese drama I have watched in years.  It set the single-day online viewership record in China with a total of 530 million views and it’s one of the Chinese drama with the most views this year. 

What’s Yanxi Palace?

It’s a 70-episode Chinese drama based on the novel Yan Xi Gong Lue by Zhou Mo that recently ended that has more than 15 billion views in China. It is co-produced by Huanyu Film and iQiyi Pictures, and starring Wu Jinyan, Charmaine Sheh, Qin Lan, Nie Yuan, and Xu Kai. 

What to expect in Yanxi Palace?

As it is a Chinese Drama about palace intrigue, expect yourself to meet some backstabbing concubines, quick-witted ladies, and even soap opera twists. 

The Story of Yanxi Palace has generated buzz online for its engaging plot of a “Cinderella” tale with Chinese characteristics. Especially the leading character Wei Yingluo, as she fights fire with fire and outmaneuvers her opponents in the drama that has the well-received response from the viewers.

Best Quotes in Yanxi Palace

Learn some life lessons from dramas you like is definitely the best takeaway. Here are the Top 10 quotes I took away from the drama. What’s yours?


If you can handle crises well, they can turn into opportunities to rise above all.

2. 如果凡事做得太斤斤计较了,活得会不开心的,任何事情,退一步方能海阔天空。

If you are petty, you will not be happy. Take a step back and you’ll get a broader perspective.

3. 世事不会近如人意, 是人就有失败的时候, 所以你要学会耐心地等待, 等到你內心足够強大,等到有一天你不再受制於人, 等到天時、地利、人和。

Not everything in life will go according to what you plan. To err is human, so one’s got to learn to wait. And along the way, grow to be stronger, until you are no longer controlled by others. 

4. 兩条蛇都是冷血动物,怎么可能互相取暖?

How can two snakes gain warmth from each other when both are cold-blooded? 

5. 別管这事情有多荒谬,只要有人信,那就是真的。

No matter how ridiculous the rumour is, as long as there are people who believe, it will be real.

6. 就算我再伤心,我也要告诉自己,沒关系,反正总有一日,我会拥有更好的。

No matter how devastated I am, you got to tell yourself that it’s okay and you’ll have something better in time to come.

7. 这人生在世,就像逆水行舟,不进则退。

Life is like a boat going against the tide, if you don’t progress, you will move backward.

8. 这世上並沒有多少湊巧之事,许多湊巧,事后清算,皆是人為。

There are not many coincidences in this world. In retrospect, they are mostly man-made.

9. 依附於強者,不如自己变成強者。

Being powerful is always better than relying on those in power.

10. 惡人都是欺軟怕硬的,你越是畏懼,他就越是欺凌。

Bullies always target the weak and fear the tough. The more you fear, the more they bully.

Watching Chinese palace dramas surely have values behind the stories delivered, from love, families, friendships, to self-improvement and resilience.

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