What you need to know about Primary 1 registration for 2021

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Primary school registration is always the number 1 concern of many young parents. With some kiasu parents going to the extreme end of purposely buying a house near to their desired school 😮
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For this year’s registration, are there any updates?
Yep, of course there are. Stay tuned and continue reading for our very own ‘Dummies guide to Primary 1 registration’!
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When is the registration?

The registration will take place from 1 July 2020 to 30 October 2020.

How do I register?

Unlike previous years where you can register physically, this year, all registrations will move online.

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How does this year’s online registration work?

The most affected phases this year by this change will be Phases 2A(1), 2A(2), and 2B. Other phases remain largely unaffected.

If you are wondering what are Phases 2A(1), 2A(2), and 2B, don’t worry. We have summarised them for you.

Phase 2A(1)

  • For children whose parents are alumni members or members of the school’s advisory or management committee
  • Registration takes place on 7 July 2020

Phase 2A(2)

  • For children whose parents or siblings are former students of the school, children of staff members of the school, and children who are currently in the MOE kindergarten co-located within the school
  • Registration takes place from 14 July to 15 July 2020

Phase 2B

  • For children whose parents are volunteers, members of the church or clan directly connected to the school, or endorsed as an active community leader
  • Registration from 23 July to 24 July 2020

Parents apply for these phases need to submit an online form using their Singpass. More details on how to go about doing the registration and the online form can be found here. Please only log in during the respective registration phases.

How about phase 1 registration?

  • For children who have siblings currently studying in the same school
  • Registration will take place from 1 July to 2 July 2020
  • Parents will receive and be required to submit the application form and the relevant documents to the school via email

Phase 2C and Phase 2C Supplementary?

Nothing new to take note, parents can use the existing P1 Internet System to register their children.

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Are there new caps on the number of students per school?

We do not know about any new caps on the number of students registered per school, but we do know that MOE has implemented a cap on the intake of PR students.

This is because there are some schools with a significantly higher number of PR students than the norm, while other schools have lesser number of PR students.

Hence, this move is an effort to encourage interaction between Singapore Citizens and PR children, and facilitate the integration of PR children into Singapore.

However, if you have applied in the earlier phases, you do not need to worry as you will not be affected. This cap will only apply to Phases 2C and 2C Supplementary. AKA, for children who are eligible for P1 next year and have not yet registered in Phase 1, 2A or 2B.

This year, 10 schools will be affected by the cap:

  1. Bukit Timah Primary School
  2. Bukit View Primary School
  3. Changkat Primary School
  4. Greendale Primary School
  5. Marymount Convent School
  6. North Spring Primary School
  7. Opera Estate Primary School
  8. Pioneer Primary School
  9. Tanjong Katong Primary School
  10. Xingnan Primary School

If you want to know exactly what is the cap, click here.

What school should I choose?

There are many considerations to consider when choosing the perfect school for your child. We do not have much info on the 2020 primary school ranking based on PSLE results yet, but we do know the 2019 school ranking.

We have written an article on it, including the different factors to consider so please have a read!

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As we prep to get a place in the most fitting school for your child, don’t forget that your child’s health is also suuuuper important!!

In such times, it is very very important to keep ourselves safe, and that includes wearing masks and practising good hygiene. We are selling masks (different sizes and types) and thermometers, so if you need them just drop us a message at +65 9457 2440 or call +65 6358 4231 😉

A huge part of staying safe is to have timely, up-to-date information. Join our telegram group for the latest update on COVID-19 and other important information here.

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