When “Taken 4” almost happened in Singapore

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In such a safe city like Singapore, most of the times, even parents will wonder if they are merely scaring their children when they remind them not to “anyhow” follow strangers. I mean, hands up if anyone has experienced it before (Don’t bother…its a rhetorical question). Imagine if Liam Neeson surprised Singaporeans by filming here…

However, 2 school recently filed a police report for a kidnapping case.

No, I am not kidding you

On 11th Janurary, A girl from United World College (UWC) South-east Asia Dover campus middle-school student was approached by a man while waiting for her bus. The man told the girl to get into his vehicle.

Another incident occured on 16th January where a female student from Tanglin Trust School was asked by two people to get into their van.


Well, fortunately, these two girls had been paying attention to their parents and teachers. They simply ignored the people and quickly walked towards a more crowded area. They then went to inform the school who have already filed a police report.

So, we won’t get to see a Singaporean version of this…

These are the location of the 2 schools:


Now, we not only have to worry about drying our clothes due to the weather, we also have to worry about the safety of our kids. Haiz, headache ah…

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