Where to get your durian fix at your convenience (Part 2)

Where to get your durian fix at your convenience (Part 2)


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This is the 2nd article in a series of 2.

Link to Part 1 (Qoo10 options) here

Durian Culture (Website option)




Mao Shan Wang ($30/kg)

D24 ($20/kg)

Minimum purchase of $200


Delivery options

Delivery by packaging or basket (free for $200 and above)

Self collection


Contact info

Hotline: 9180 1080

Flagship Store (Open 24 Hours)

77 Sims Ave (S)387419

Tel: 6744 5232


Upper Serangoon (1:00pm to 1:00am)

1001 Upper Serangoon Rd (S)534739

Tel: 8348 6181

227 Katong Durian (Website option)




Mao Shan Wang  ($23/kg)

Golden Phoenix ($22/kg)

XO ($15/kg)

D24 ($15/kg)

Kampong ($15/kg)

D13 ($12/kg)

Red Prawn ($12/kg)


Minimum purchase for online payment: $60

$30 delivery charge for orders below $200


Delivery options

Delivery service arranged via phone callSelf pick up: 2 hrs after ordering online (227 East Coast Road, 428887)

Self-pick up: 2 hrs after ordering online (227 East Coast Road, 428887)

Contact info

Tel: 9751 4828


Jojodurian (Website option)




Mao Shan Wang Package ($89.90)

D24 Package ($59.90)

Red Prawn Package ($38.90)


Each set contains:

1 Pack of freshly dehusked Durians (between 800g – 1kg)

1 Pack of Coconut Water

Hand Gloves, Tissue Paper

Minimum order of 2 sets.


Delivery options

Delivery service available (do not deliver on weekends)


Contact info

Tel: 9425 8515


Wonderful Durian (Website option)





D24 ($12), XO D24 ($15), Red Prawn ($12), Red Prawn King ($15), Cat Mountain King ($18), Premium Cat Mountain King ($38), Hu Lu King ($22), Golden Phoenix ($28), Love Fruit ($28), Old Granny ($28), King of the King ($38).

Delivery options

Delivery service available


Contact info

147 Sims Avenue  Singapore 387469  ( alongside Lorong 17 Geylang )

Tel: 6747 0191 , 9446 5556


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