Why is Singapore so HOT?!

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As your sweat drips and shirt soaked in the unforgiving heat when you are waiting 15min for the next bus to get to work after missing the previous because you went forgot your earpiece and had to run back upstairs to grab it, you must be wondering, why the helllllllll is Singapore so Hot!

Summer is coming to Singapore soon. Yes, you heard that right.

Singapore has no four seasons like other countries out there, as the entire country is located on top of the equator.

Spring and summer can be felt all year round, on rainy days and sunny days accordingly.

The temperature only fluctuates from hot to super hot, try holding an ice-cream outside and see it melt in 2 seconds flat.

A raw egg (left) and one of the eggs after the experiment (right). ST PHOTO: JESSIE LIM

One time, the StraitsTimes did an experiment to cook an egg on the sidewalk during a sunny day.

It was carried out on the roof of a car, and a dark road surface, from noon to late noon when the sun was the deadliest.

Yes, the eggs seem to be kind of cooked after two hours, but with only the egg yolk hardened, egg white still liquid.

This proved something, that Singapore is indeed a giant frying pan.

Even the land mass kinda fits the pan.

Humidity also is in the extreme for us.

Being surrounded by sea has created a constant near 90% humidity rating on every single point of the island all the time.

High humidity is both good and bad for the people.

The good part is that you will never feel that your skin is drying up, it also helps with flu, sinus, and other respiratory illnesses.

The bad part will be that food will go bad quicker, therefore you have to eat up everything faster, making you fatter. Just kidding, but seriously, don’t eat expired food, please.

High humidity also means that our sweat cannot evaporate efficiently, leaving you dripping wet after a short exercise of walking to and fro between your office and the nearest McDonald’s.

This is why we perspire so much, your white shirt becomes no shirt when you stand in the sun for more than 10 seconds.

You can’t even see Singapore because the whole thing is cover by the Equator…

Being on the Equator meant that Singapore will constantly be rotating on the closest distance between the earth and sun.

Just look at it, even the Equator is bigger than the entire country.

In contrast to the Equator, Polar circles are the direct opposite, whereby they are the furthest point from the sun.

Which means that they are in “extreme air-con” mode 24/7/365. Actually doesn’t sound too bad.

Now that you have heard the complains, here’s how you can beat the Singapore heat!

  1. Wear things that are appropriate to where you going

    Please don’t be that guy who wears a long sleeve to Sentosa just because you want to look more cool and “different”. Nobody will think that, more likely than not that they will see you as the “siao-lang” who always tries to act cool than actually being cool.
    So if you know that you are doing to places where the sun and body movements are in abundance, choose to wear clothes that allow you to perspire easier. T-shirts or singlets plus shorts and slippers will do the trick, aka the Singapore national uniform.

  2. Drink more cooled water

    I say “cooled” water, not ice cold water. Your body doesn’t adapt well to the ice water as it will burn more energy to warm it up and absorb.
    Avoid flavoured drinks, like coke or coffee, as they are drinks that drains the H2O from your body, making you feel even more thirsty.
    The best drinks are those that natural or contain more magnesium and calcium. Examples are plain water, coconut water, yogurt drinks and milk.

  3. Eat the right food

    I know some of you are “allergic” to fruits and vegetables, but hear me out. Things like cucumber, celery, watermelon, strawberry, and mango are just some examples that can help your body to cope with dehydration.
    The Red Cross Organization also mentioned that eating food in a smaller amount, but in a more frequent time frame, will decrease your body’s metabolism rate, therefore lowering the heat.

  4. Turn your fan in reverse

    Studies have shown that actually facing your fan outwards rather than blowing inwards will help reduce the indoor heat more efficiently.
    Unless you have your air-con turned on 24/7, you should try optimizing your fan positions to blow out the heat you and your loved ones generated in the house. Trust me, you will be surprised at the result.

  5. Avoid using the oven

    This guy is the prime of all evil, using it for a mere 15 minutes can raise your room temperature 10 degrees! The heat will even linger in the room for up to 1 hour if it’s not ventilated properly.
    Unless you want to bake some cookies or fluff some cakes, I suggest using the microwave or even the stove to heat your food will get you the same result.

  6. Shut your curtains

    The sun shines at an angle on those timings. If you prevent it from coming through and cooking up your room by shutting your curtains, you will feel an obvious difference in the room temperature compared to before.

  7. Cross ventilation

    Some of you are also “allergic” to your neighbors looking potentially looking into your house, seeing the hideous things you are doing in it. But you have to know that opening your windows and doors up wide is the best way to chill your house, especially if you are living in a high-rise and above 5 floors.

  8. Change your lights

    Fluorescent bulbs have shown to generate a great deal of heat when it lights up, that’s why you often see the chicken rice stalls using it to heat up their chickens, they are not just for show.
    Installing LED lights have proven to generate 20 times less heat than otherwise, and it also consumes only a 1/3 of the electricity of the traditional fluorescent bulbs for the same amount of lumens (brightness).

  9. Know your body

    There are points in your body that can dissipate heat more effectively if cooled with a wet towel or a bag or ice cubes. Try applying them on your inner elbow, under your armpit, or around your neck. You can almost feel your body cooling down instantaneously, as it will chill the blood flowing past the area, cooling down the other parts of the body as well in the process.

Now you know the tips and tricks to beat the summer heat, if you would like to read more similar topics, you can enjoy it here.

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