Why Singaporeans LOVE Bangkok!

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Bangkok, Thailand. The Land of a Thousand Smiles. Being the capital of Thailand and being the most visited city in the world (20 million tourists a year!), it is no wonder Singaporeans LOVE travelling to Bangkok for a short getaway!

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In 2018, Bangkok was ranked as the #2 Most Visited Destination by Singaporean travellers, trailing just closely behind Kula Lumpur, Malaysia. These numbers do not lie, and if you ask any Singaporean you find walking along the streets if they’ve been to Bangkok before, most probably you’d get an affirmative answer.

Now that we know how popular Bangkok is as a tourist destination, we should find out WHY Bangkok is so popular! Here are 5 reasons why Bangkok is such a tourist hotspot for Singaporeans (and International Travellers alike!).


One of the main reasons why Singaporeans love going to Bangkok for holidays is due to the super cheap air tickets! When bought in advance or when the demand for Air Tickets are low (period after School Holidays/ Public Holidays/ Long Weekends), return tickets to Bangkok can go as low as $120!

That’s SUPER affordable and coupled with accommodation, a 4D3N trip to Bangkok may very well cost you just a little over $300, depending on what you do there!

#2 Shopping Paradise

If you don’t already know, Bangkok is a heaven for Shopaholics! Bangkok has an abundance of malls that sell goods that cater to people with varying interests, from Fashion to Tech, to Food and even more! Some of the more popular malls are as follows:

Platinum Fashion Mall

A mall that sells wholesale goods at wholesale prices. If you thought they were cheap – heads up – these stalls allow you to bargain too! So go forward with your Singaporean spirit and bargain as much as you can! Just be sure not to go too ridiculously low…

Females may enjoy this mall than Males though since there is only 1 floor that sells Men’s Wear. However, don’t be too disappointed, as the range of clothing they offer for Men may very well take up your whole day too!

MBK Center

If you love technology and all things digital, then this is the mall for you! MBK is Bangkok’s version of Singapore’s Sim Lim Square but on steroids! This Mall is a heaven for all you geeks out there, selling a wide range of gadgets and electronic devices and accessories, it will surely keep you busy for an entire day (or even more!).

In case you are not a big fan of digital gadgets, fret not! This mall has a range of other stores that sell delicious snacks and fashionable clothes too, as well as a large variety of phone cases for you to pimp out your mundane mobile phone!


CentralWorld is a mega shopping mall that boasts International retail and F&B stores. Being the 11th largest shopping complex in the world, you can be sure you won’t run out of things to do when you are here. This mall has a gigantic basement filled with food to fill your stomachs, levels of retail stores for you to shop till you drop, and even a massive cinema at the top for you to enjoy a great movie after a day of shopping.

My only complaint about this mall would be that due to its sheer size, you may get lost more often than you would on your average trip to the shopping mall!

If you’re interested, come read more about Bangkok’s Malls and what they have to offer here!

#3 Night Markets

If you are an avid fan of the Night Markets that pop up every now and then in Singapore, then you’d love Bangkok even more. Bangkok has dozens of Night Markets that run all year round!

Not only do they sell tasty snacks and local Thai delicacies, but they also sell a bunch of cheap and affordable clothes and accessories. Look forward to buying your favourite Red Bull Singlets and Floral-printed shirts here, and many other Tourist must-buys!

Remember to bargain though, as most of the prices you see on display are a tourist trap and can actually go much lower!

Besides the world-famous Chatuchak Weekend Market, some of the more popular Night Markets that you can find in Bangkok include Rod Fai Train Market, Asiatique, Indy Night Market, ChangChui Market and Artbox Night Market (this might ring a bell. since they came to Singapore previously).

If you’re curious, come read about what to eat and do at Bangkok’s Night Markets here!

#4 Cafe Hopping

If your wallet has been taking multiple blows from your Cafe Hopping tendencies in Singapore, brace yourself. Bangkok is home to a whole lot of Cafes. Though they may be a tad bit cheaper than what you would find in Singapore, they still do add up, so go easy on them!

However, Cafes here are a lot more spacious are offer a larger variety of food! Some are even infused with local Thai flavours, which is a must-try! They are also super aesthetically pleasing, so get your cameras and poses ready – time to up your Instagram game!

If you would like to read more on the cafes that Bangkok has to offer, click here!

#5 Thai Massage and Spa

Last but not least on this list of why Bangkok is so popular amongst Singaporeans; the abundance of Authentic Thai Massage and Spa available!

The streets of Bangkok are lined with Massage Parlous, and they can go cheap for as low as 200-300 baht for 1 massage. If you would like to get a massage at a more established outlet, don’t worry too much about the costs too, because it will definitely still be cheaper than Singapore!

So kick back and relax! Want to know where to get your Massage fix in Bangkok? Click here!

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