Win REAL money playing free Phone Games! Newly launched App genre rocks the market.

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Imagine participating in a live game show for the chance of winning attractive cash prizes – all from the convenience of a free app on your phone!

With the new App genre that combines live-streaming and trivia quizzes, such a possibility is now a reality.

How it works:
Though it hasn’t taken off locally yet, this App genre is currently all the rage overseas.

US-based HQ Trivia first introduced the genre with its release in the Apple Store in September last year.

Screenshots of HQ Trrivia

At 3.00pm and 9.00pm (US time) every day, there is a live trivia contest which anyone can tune in to play.

The US version of this app typically has 300000 players per game. The China versions go up to 3 million players per game.

There is a live host who asks from 10 – 12 MCQ questions, each one harder than the next. Players have to answer them in 10 seconds.

A typical question on the app. Players have 10 seconds to answer each question

Players who get all the questions correct share the total cash prize for that game with all the others who also got it right!

The total cash prize is split between players who got all questions right.

In the US, the total cash prize is usually several thousand, and the hundreds of winners of the game typically can get $10-20 each per win. Not bad for 10 minutes spent playing a game.

There have been exceptions of players winning more per win, even up to $6000! It all depends on if the 12 questions are particularly hard and fewer people get all the questions right.

Payment in the US and China iterations of the game are usually through Paypal.

In the China versions, winners of the game also share a cash prize of several thousand yuan

And it’s coming to Singapore! Soon…at least. (hint hint continue following the Singapore Go page for more info in the upcoming days :))

What do you think? Would you play such an app? Would such an app pick off locally? Let us know down in the comments below or on Facebook!

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