Woman in China CLIMBS THROUGH X-Ray Machine for Handbag

A woman in China caused a huge uproar when she climbed into an X-ray machine during a security check at a railway station in Dongguan, Guangdong province.

Chinese local media reported on Sunday (Feb 11) that security staff at the station were monitoring the x-ray images as per normal, when they suddenly got a shock.

A silhouette of a woman on all fours was seen in the X-ray images. Source: Pear TV

An image of a person appeared on their X-ray machine display.

After the woman emerged from the machine, investigations revealed she did so because she was afraid to lose the money in her handbag.

CCTV footage of the woman emerging from the X-ray belt. Source: Pear TV

From the X-ray images, it can be seen that she was kneeling on all fours atop of the luggage on the belt.

There are loose rumors in China about money and valuables being lost/stolen after going through a X-ray check, but these are largely baseless and unproven.

X-ray machines have quite strong radiation that is harmful to people. The Chinese local media has warned members of the public not to attempt such a stunt again.


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