Woman OBSTRUCTS driver in Caltex Tampines, then SCOLDS driver for honking

Many may argue that it is common sense to not use one’s mobile phone at petrol stations or while crossing an area where there is traffic. However, it seems like common sense is not that common after all.

In an incident occurring at a particular Caltex petrol kiosk in Tampines on Saturday (April 14), a woman was seen doing both actions mentioned above.

The driver wanted to park his car in the available petrol pump machine slot, however the woman was so engrossed with using her phone that she did not notice the driver.


The driver then honked at the woman to alert her, but she responded with a scolding and gestures, rebuking the driver for honking at her, before heading into the station to make her payment.


What would you do and how would you feel if you were the driver?



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