Woman’s Phone Locked for 47 years after Letting her Son Play with It

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Parents nowadays like to pass their phones to their children to keep them entertained. This will stop them from bothering you or being a public nuisance.

Source: Straits Times

However, parents may want to keep their phones away from their toddlers after hearing this story. Assuming you haven’t already been convinced by all the scientific reports.

So in Shanghai, China, a mother left her iPhone with her two-year-old son so he could watch educational videos. When she returned, she found that she could only unlock her phone after 25,113,676 minutes.

Source: Straits Times

iPhone users may have experienced this prank before: not being able to use your phone for  1 hour. For Android users wondering how this works, iPhone locks itself for 1 minute after the first wrong password entries. Subsequent wrong entries will increase the time the iPhone locks itself, 5min, 15min and even 1 hour.


According to an Apple store technician, she only has two options: Wait it out to unlock her phone, or reboot the iPhone.

“I can’t really wait for 47 years and tell my grandchild it was your father’s mistake,”

But the latter will mean she loses all the files in her phone memory.


Don’t use phone while using the toilet



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