Work pass revoked after holder breached COVID-19 circuit breaker measures

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On 7 April, Singapore introduced the new ‘circuit breaker‘ measures in order to slow the community spread of COVID-19.

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While you are still able to go out for daily essentials and work, you are required to stay at home for the rest of the time.

However, a particular work pass holder didn’t seem to get the memo.

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According to Ministry of Manpower (MOM), investigations showed that the man, who works in an essential firm, finished work on the evening of April 9 but did not return home immediately after finishing his meal.

He continued to loiter at various places for an extended period of time before returning to his place of residence on April 10.

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According to MOM, it was a blatant breach of circuit breaker measures.

This resulted in MOM revoking the work pass of the said work pass holder and permanently banning him from working in Singapore.

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In just a short span of 3 days, from Apr 10 to Apr 12, officers from multiple Government agencies have issued a total of 39 fines to work pass holders who breached circuit breaker measures.

According to MOM, if the work pass holders were found to be in breach of the circuit breaker measures for a second time, MOM will not hesitate to revoke the work passes of these individuals as well as the passes of their dependents.

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Additionally, starting from April 12 those flouting the circuit breaker measures will be fined S$300 on the first offence, instead of a written warning.

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Let’s take this chance to remind each other that we have a joint responsibility to abide by safe distancing rules during the circuit breaker period.

During this period let us try to avoid going out! Bored at home? Why not try out a new recipe or watch some Korean-drama that we never had the time to in the past?

As long as we stay united, I am sure we can get through this period soon! ❤ #Sgunited


So what can you do or cannot do in “circuit breaker”??

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