Yet another person jumps onto car at St. James!

Following the lead of a 26-year-old man who infamously jumped onto the front bonnet of a private-hire vehicle and stomped its windscreen, another case of a party-goer climbing onto the front bonnet of a car has surfaced.

In a minute-long dashcam video uploaded to Facebook, a group of four females can be seen walking out from a nightclub near St. James Power Station. While one of them eagerly approached the car, another, dressed in track pants, sprinted towards and leapt onto the front bonnet.

She then executed what seemed to be humping motions, followed by a sprawl with her face against the bonnet. She also struck a natural pose while atop the vehicle.


The owner of the vehicle, a Mazda RX-5, Mr. Stan Cheng, lodge a police report the following morning (May 8) after discovering the footprints from the night before on his car.


In relation to this incident, Mr. Cheng said that his car appeared to have suffered minimal damage and was amused that his car was so highly favoured among the party-goers to the extent that they would take selfies with it.


However, he still expressed his dismay that someone had jumped onto his car and was worried about damages that he might incur.



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