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No Train Service at 10 EW Line stations on 21 Jan, 28 Jan.

SMRT will be conducting full closures of 10 EW line MRT Stations this Sunday (21 Jan) as well as next Sunday (28 Jan). The affected stations are: Pasir Ris (EW1) to Paya Lebar (EW8) and Tanah Merah (EW4) to Changi Airport (CG2).
SMRT is providing the following shuttle bus services for affected commuters:

Source: SMRT Facebook

Rising GST? BitCoin Tax? Budget 2018: 3 changes to look out for

The Singapore Budget has become an annual talking point, with speculations rife leading up to it and opinions aplenty with its announcement every year. 
This year's budget, come 19 February, could be the one of the most controversial yet.
Last year, after both Finance Minister Heng Swee Kiat and PM Lee Hsien Loong admitted that raising taxes 'is not a matter of whether, but when', many economists and analysts in Singapore predicted a rise in taxes of all forms, less corporate tax, in the upcoming budget. We have whittled down the list to the most likely, and most pertinent to you. 
1. Rise in GST Let us first address the hot-potato issue: GST. Singapore’s GST rate has remained at 7% since 2007. Compared to neighbouring countries such as Philippines (12%), Indonesia (10%) or Vietnam (10%), Singaporeans are actually comparatively still better off. When it was introduced in 1994, GST was 3%. It went up to 4% in 2003, then 5% in 2004 and finally 7%. Looking at this trend, it w…

Influencer or Influenza? They make things go viral

If you're an avid user of social media, you might have seen posts such as these floating around recently:
Great news – Budget 2018 is coming soon! MOF is seeking feedback from individuals/businesses on local ushering issues, be it taxation, growing a company, skillsets etc. So here’s your chance to share your views with the Govt! 😁👌 . Join me for the listening point today, at Tanjong Pagar Complex or SMU on 12 Jan, 11:30am - 2:00pm — to share your suggestions too! You can also give feedback via the REACH Budget 2018 microsite by 12 Jan, link in bio. Every contribution counts! :) #SGBudget2018 #MOFSG #REACHSingapore #sponsored #MOFSGxStarNgage A post shared by CHELSEA TENG (Cheow Yi) (@cheowster) on Jan 8, 2018 at 9:35pm PST
...seriously, though. Who uses a laptop standing next to a pool? That's right, over the last week, more than 50 Instagram 'influencers' were engaged by the Big G to promote youth involvement in the lead-up to Budget 2018.

If you're not aware of…

Not happy with your 'O' Level Results? Don't do this!

With the recent release of the O Level Results, there have been mixed reactions among the students receiving their results. Some are happy that their hardwork paid off, some, however, regret not having worked harder. No matter the results, it is clear to the students to continue moving on and go where the results can get them to.

However, there also exists some students who are extremely unhappy with their results and will do whatever possible to amend it, even though its illegal. Jaya Anil Kumar, a NUS student, did not get the grades she wanted for applying to a public legal service. Hence, she decided the best way was to forge her grades for 21 modules in her degree transcript so as to cover up her bad results.

Unfortunately, she still failed to be accepted and further doctered 18 of her modules. All these using the Paint software on windows.

Later, an employee of the Legal Service Commission Secretariat noticed disparities in her 2 separate applications and found something amissed.…

Lift CRASHES three floors in HDB flat in Sengkang

Just as we thought things couldn't get worse after numerous reports of HDB floor tiles 'popping' this week, a lift in Sengkang plunged three floors on Tuesday (16 Jan), injuring a 63-year old taxi driver in it.
According to reports, the taxi driver, Mr Philip Tan, was on his way down from his apartment on the 7th floor of his HDB flat at Blk 122 Sengkang East Way when the lift suddenly hurtled down three stories before jamming abruptly between the fourth and fifth floors.

63-year old Mr Tan injured both his right calf and suffered a swollen right ankle as a result. He has indicated he had to cut back his driving hours as a taxi driver because of the pain, and plans to visit a Johor Bahru clinic for cheaper traditional Chinese medicine.
There were some warning signs prior to the lift crash. The previous day, Mr Tan had already injured his hip when the exact same lift reached the ground floor jamming to a stop, misaligned with the ground leading.

We advice Singaporeans stayi…

5 Social Media Challenges to NOT follow

Social Media Challenges have been a good way to garner attention and to raise awareness for a cause. Some of these challenges have indeed brought about positive impact; for example, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was extremely successful in raising awareness for the ALS disease.

Here is a video of Trump's Ice Bucket Challenge, skip to the 48s mark if you are tired of his "speech"
The Ice Bucket Social Media Challenge has seen many people donating to the ALS foundation and is worthy of celebrating its achievement. However, let's take a look at 5 Social Media Challenges to NOT follow.

1. Hot Water Challenge
Clearly a ripoff from the Ice Bucket Challenge, it started with a YouTuber trying to add some variation to mock the Ice Bucket Challenge by pretending he was dousing himself with boiling water and even added sizzling sound effects to make it more convincing.

What he did not realise was that many kids watching his channel did not know that, and actually tried the "H…